One month down. Eleven to go.

It’s been a month. Thankfully, a good month. Here’s what happened..

We said farewell to our visiting family, after enjoying a day at Ushaka Marine World. It’s as fun as I remember, but folks, that area of Durban looks like Cape Town’s parade on a Saturday morning. Definitely not the Durban I remember.

Tahamza, as a friend of mine calls him has started walking. The places that were safe to put your glass of coke, like the dinning table, is no longer safe. Unless you find a place to put things out of sight, he will get his hands on it. Actually, even out of sight, like in the cupboard is not safe😊.

He makes me tired, but I love him! Kudos to any stay at home mom or dad!

It’s not all as crazy as it sounds. We have regular naps during the day. Our routine is as follows. Rise and shine at around 6am. Mom gives baby breakfast and gets ready for work. At 7am we off to drop mom at work. Thankfully its only 10min away. Then we play, or baby plays while dad tries to stay awake. At 8:30 sharp its Barney time. Truly an amazing creation that purple guy. At 9am its nap time till 11 or 11:30. Then its snack time, lunch time, followed by try to keep baby busy till mom gets home time..

I did manage to squeeze in some work. I am still busy with an ongoing project from late 2013. The The 2 Oceans Education Foundation is doing some awesome work in our communities. They provide free schooling, low-cost schooling and other sport and cultural initiatives in the under privileged communities within SA.

Then I had the opportunity to revamp Pink Daffodil. They provide top quality homemade cakes and confectionary for kiddies parties, bridal showers, office parties and more.

Skyfire Technologies is another website update that’s currently in progress. The home of the original BellBoy – an automated electronic bell for schools. Quite innovative compared to the brass bell most of us are familiar with.

Mama’s also getting into the swing of things at work. She’s very happy that the KZN dietitian department takes dietetics very seriously. I think it’s important that the job you do adds value and as a dietitian that’s definitely the case. Keep it up mama!

Speaking about diets. Due to my ongoing eczema and the fact the medication is no longer working, I have been put on a strict no wheat, no gluten diet. What that means no biscuits, bread, some chocolates and may favorite panda bears.

That’s it for now. Part 2 coming. Soon..


Baby’s First B-day

If anything had to get me blogging again. It would be baby’s first birthday.

Shukr Allah for providing us with such a handsome young boy. My duah for him is simple – Oh Allah, The Lord of the Worlds, The Sustainer, The Most Merciful. May Hamza always be God conscious, may he respect his mother at all times and may he be of those who will be granted Jannah.

The day was spent in our new home in Pietermaritzburg. We sang Happy Birthday four times. Each time Skyping with different family members and blowing out candles with new friends. We were lucky to share the day with Ma, Pa and Aunty Johnson. To the rest of the family, we missed you and look forward to seeing you all soon. Hamza sends his kisses to everyone, especially to Oupa and Ouma Dollie.

Because there is so much to say, I decided to say it with pictures. Enjoy.

Morning presents

Morning presents

Visit from his monkey friend

Visit from his monkey friend

Mama's home

Mama’s home

The big present!

The big present!

As you can imagine, it was a bitter sweet day. So far from home, with so much to celebrate. One thing is for sure. With all the love baby has received for the past year, his day was super sweet.

Happy Birthday Hamza. May Allah grant you many, many more years – Insha Allah!


Operation cleanup complete!

I know the feature image is a tiny bit misleading. Our flat is not surrounded by palm trees and tropical greenery. That’s just what we came home to after our six and a half hour cleanup. We do actually have a nice backyard, and it is quite tropical if i think about it – pics coming soon.

The day started early once again – waking up before 8 is something I’m still getting use to.

Our first priority was to get to the bed store we found online the previous night. The only problem was that the store was in a different city. Fortunately, we managed to find a bargain on a brand new bed at a local furniture store.

From there we made our way to the flat. We rocked up with curtains, powertools, mops, brooms, chemicals and more chemicals. We scrubbed and swept and mopped. We were so occupied with the task at hand that before we knew, it was around 4pm. Very satisfied with our achievements we headed back home.

Thanks to Mama’s Aunt and Uncle, we didn’t have to spring clean all alone – it was quite a mission and the help was greatly appreciated. Thanks again!

After stopping off for some junk food, we rounded off the day with a holiday spirit. Family time, sun, and that fresh,cool blueish looking liquid – aah, what a wonderful day..


A day spent indoors.

Today was calm. It was a day of relaxation. The weather had changed from hot and humid to cool and humid. It was perfect for sleeping.

After the 6:30 wakeup call from Baba, we soon went back to sleep after breakfast. Well, he went back to sleep and I followed..

Needless to say, the entire day was spent lounging around. Naps, tv and food were the order of the day.

The night should be just as relaxing. It’s still cool outside, and there’s a slight breeze. It doesn’t look like there’s anything on tv tonight – Twilight is playing, so I guess that leaves food.

Anyways, tomorrow should be more eventful. Our flat’s getting spring cleaned – whoohoo!

Goodnight all. Peace.


We found a flat!

After viewing a flat we planned on renting on Thursday, we decided to search for something better. We spent Friday morning attempting to make appointments to view potential dwellings. Although most tenants were harder to contact than the president himself, we managed to setup a few viewings for this morning.

We set off to Pietermaritzburg nice and early. The plan was to view as many places as possible, hoping to find that ‘perfect’ flat. We were told most of the keys were at the office, we just needed to get there before 11.

Upon our arrival at the agent’s office – we found that most of the keys were collected already. This was not good news.

We did however manage to get 3 viewings – one key was at the office, the other a gentlemen just brought back and the final was a tenant that was actually at home.

After viewing the first flat, our minds were made up, or at least mine was. We viewed the last two, but quickly notified the agent that we wanted the first one.

It was simple, the first flat had a swimming pool and I am sure you know, Durban and its surroundings are hot, hot, hot..

Other than the well maintained pool area, we were spoilt with a built in stove, a sort of private garden, fully tiled apartment and well looked after, considering the condition of the others.

So with only a few days left before Mama goes to work, we signed the paper work and acquired our new home for the next year.

We plan on cleaning up abit in the next two days. A huge weight has been lifted off our shoulders, so we rest easier tonight.

Allah-hu Akbar, indeed The Almighty God is Great..


Holiday in Ballito Bay

Our journey begins with a well deserved break – In the name of the Almighty God the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

On 25 December 2013, the baby (aka the cub), his mama (the dietician) and papa (the dev), took off on their journey to Pietermaritzburg.

Mama will soon be kicking off her career as a dietician. She will be completing her 1 year community service at Edendale hospital in the first few days of 2014. ‘I can’t wait to start working… i hope the people are nice’, said Mama.

Other than looking out for Mama – Papa and Baby will start their own adventure. I’m looking forward to discovering the world of being a stay at home Dad. I also hope the business takes off. Baby says, ‘Dada, I can’t wait to fly sites, tweetwee tata poo..’

It was tough saying goodbye, but we are fortunate enough to spend a few days with family from Ballito Bay. We are grateful that they have welcomed us into their home, or should I say holiday resort.;). It’s been a relaxing, fun-filled and sunny few days – just what we needed..

We thank God Almighty, the All-knowing, the Sustainer of the worlds, for the opportunity he has given us. We thank our parents and our family for the love and support. And we thank our friends for good times!

Next stop the swimming pool…”splash”

Chilling on the astro

Chilling on the astro

Fun in the jacuzzi

Fun in the jacuzzi